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spartacus ladies + gladiator boot camp (part one)

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SO this just happened ^^^  (x)

Dan plz, I don’t want to know about your sexapades if I am not the one getting it, thank you very much

I don’t wanna know that sort of thing… my poor heart :(

I feel the same way. don’t want to know about “scoring a chick”

Haha, of course he’s scoring chicks! He’s a good-looking, single guy, so more power to him. The only thing I’m jealous of is that he’s having sex while I’m not. Boo.

If he wasn’t scoring…I would be worried … It means he’s a healthy virile male…and it feeds my delusions of possibilities. 

LOL yeah! He’s one charming man uggs or not. I think the chances of him not scoring is pretty slim also he’s a scorpio, gotta feed that flame lol

Of course he got laid while wearing Uggs and dreadlock hair extensions. He’s Dan fucking Feuerriegel. I would have fucked him even if he was wearing a chicken costume.

THIS so much, how often does a guy like that come into a club. I would have tried to hit with Andy too tbh. And pretty much the entire cast if they were single…

Awww, he’s adorable! If someone like that came into my local pub I would climb them like a tree. Just sayin’.

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Spartacus Cast Part 2

LOL at Dan photobombing Peter and Katrina. Another reason to be sad that Katrina’s leaving the show: no more overflow of candid photos of the cast.

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Does anyone know the name of the guy to the left in the top row?

Does anyone know the name of the guy to the left in the top row?

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Cast of Spartacus: Blood and Sand

     ↳ Black&White

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